About Uncle Ho

Back in the 1940's, due to war & hardship, Grandfather 'HO' & his family were forced to flee to seek refuge & to earn living at this peaceful little place called Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia.

Therefore, the 'HO' family has been living on the island eversince. Being born & breed on the pangkor island, 'Uncle HO' the local islander knows practically everyone living here. No joke!!

'Uncle HO' is now (and has been for the past 30 years and counting…..) a taxi driver cum local guide on the island. 'Uncle HO' would like to thank the many referrals from experienced/past visitors.

'Uncle HO' owns some businesses here too – a 3Rooms Apartment, budget lodge called 'Village House', a Mini-Mart, a Restaurant, a Photoshop. Remember, if you need anything in Pulau Pangkor, just call 'Uncle HO' (Mr. Ho Seng Kong)